The Five Best Places To Meet A Man

The Five Best Places To Meet A Man







Where is the right man? He could be anywhere. Here are 5 possibilities:

1) Work

You spend over 8 hours a day at work. There must be someone there that would be attracted to you and who would catch your eye. Tread carefully though. Highly visible office romances are not wise for your career. Keep it friendly and professional at work and make it hot on your date outside of work. Only problem may be seeing the person too much, every single day.

2) The Coffee Shop

Hanging out at the coffee shop can be a fun man watching activity. Plenty of traffic. Opportunity at any instant. You never know who will walk in. Have a book or tablet and spend some quality time multi-tasking.

3) Bookshops

Browsing for books or browsing for a man. Bookshops are excellent places since it gives you an immediate talking point: the book you are holding. This is a great way to start talking about your interests and his.

4) Classes

Are you listening or are you distracted by the guy over there? The great thing is you will have weekly opportunities to get a conversation started. You could have a study partner. This can be a win/win.

5) Bars and Clubs

Of course, this one is obvious. A few drinks and magic can happen. Or maybe not. This can be good opportunity or set you up with a bad relationship so you need to be careful.