Three Keys to the Most Unforgettable Date

Dating is such a fun experience for whatever age it is, there is that different feeling of fulfillment and sheer joy as you meet a person you seem to have interest with. This is a means of finding your future life partner. It could also be a way of getting to know you better for through dating, the side of yourself that you are less familiar with is being unraveled.


When one is out on a date, what must he do in order to make the date worth a memory to cherish? Are there strict guidelines to follow? There are actually none, but there could be helpful tips in order for you to make the most out of your date. These tips are really important so that you would be able to act well and enjoy the rest of the time you have with that special person.


  • Observe punctuality.


Time matters in almost any meeting or activity, it matters most in a date especially if it is the first date. Cliché as it may seem but first impressions last and you have to take good care of your date’s impression of you. It may mean something negative if you fail to arrive on time. You may have all the excuses, but you have to show the best efforts in order not to be late.


  • Remind yourself that you are just excited and not nervous


That strange pump of your heart is just going to distract you from doing well and enjoying your time. Well, it is but normal to feel that way but do not allow it to swallow you and stop you from doing the things you wanted to do. If you cannot stand the feeling, see to it that you divert that emotion to something that is more positive. Instead of feeling nervous, you have to remind yourself that you are just excited. This could really help you ease the burden of being worried or pressured. Being nervous does not help out, drop it off.


  • Honesty is still the best policy


You do not have to impress your date by telling tall tales. Sincerity and honesty would always lead you to that acceptance from others. With your honest way of opening yourself to that person you choose to go out with, you would surely reap a warm and honest treatment as well. You could appear impressive without being dishonest. When you are true to what you say and feel, it exudes.


These are just three of the most helpful tips that could make heaven out of your date. Remember, it is the first step to find that lifetime partner you have been waiting for. For more tips, you could find them online. But for the best three tips, stick with our advice.

Don’t Go In Blind On a Blind Date

Blind dating is a common way for dating also. It often occurs when someone is set up on a date through a friend or a third party.blind dates

People are often set up on a blind date through a friend or a co-worker who knows both parties and believes they would make a great couple.

If you are recommended to go on a blind date by a friend who knows you well, you might want to consider it.

If your friend knows the other person as well as they know you, they might be right about the two of you connecting and getting along well together.

When you go on a blind date you might not have any idea what the other person looks like or you might have been shown a picture.

In all cases, the person you will be going out with will be someone you have never met or spoke to before. It is common to be nervous about going on a blind date because you don’t know if the person will like you and you don’t know if you will like the other person.

Some people really enjoy being set up on a blind date and many blind dates turn into successful relationships if the right people set the two of you up.

You should try to know as much information that you can about the person before you go and be sure your friend knows the other person well before you go to be sure the date will not be a disaster.

However, even if the two of you decide that you are not a compatible couple you might meet someone who becomes a very good friend of yours in the long run.

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Men Feel Threatened By Intelligent Women – Recent Study

A new study to be published in the November issue of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin confirms what many have suspected: men may be attracted to the idea of dating an intelligent woman, but in reality they prefer dating a woman who is less intelligent than them. The researchers at the University of Buffalo, California Lutheran University and University of Texas, Austin, studied various hypothetical scenarios with 105 male participants, in which potential romantic partners either out- or underperformed them in English and math classes. While men initially ranked the women outperforming them as “more desirable,” when asked in a second part of the study whether they would date these women in real life, they “distanced themselves more from her, tended to rate her as less attractive, and showed less desire to exchange contact information or plan a date with her.” While the researchers called for more research and were cautious to draw conclusions, they suggested that “feelings of diminished masculinity accounted for men’s decreased attraction toward women who outperformed them.”


Read more about this study here: